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'way of the ninja' is supposed to be the title, right?

Three Voted Applications: I could only find this one to vote on.
As of March 1st: Here's another one! And another! And look, one more!

The Basics

Name: Hadeer
Age: 17 in less than a week
Birthday: Feb 5. 1992
Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'4
Ninja Registration Number (just make it up!): 13003
How did you find naruto_rating? Through affiliates.
Vote me as Male/Female/Whatever: Whoever I am most like.
Vote me as Anime or Anime+Manga or Doesn't Matter: Erm, again, whoever I seem to be like the most. Use all the characters you want.

You know...the usual

Likes: anime, reading, writing, coming up with characters, volleyball, harry potter, magic, folklore, illusions, magic shows, broadway plays, movies, art, history, languages, etymology, originality, gothic structures, cities, fairies, vampires, forests, comfy clothes, daffodils, astronomy, astrology

Dislikes: Twilight (the series), stupidity, ignorance, bossiness, tyranny, all kinds of bugs, awkwardness, tears, watching sports, blind faith, religion, prejudice, children

Dreams for the future: Go to a good college, learn Japanese, travel the world, publish a book, perhaps settle down in Japan

Hobbies: It's in the likes, isn't it?

+I'm very easygoing and laid-back. It's almost impossible to actually get me angry enough to yell.
+I'm very open-minded (perhaps too open-minded, say my friends), which I think makes me approachable to many people
+I don't embarrass easily.
+I don't like to make other people miserable, so even if I feel terrible, I try to smile so I don't make anyone awkward. I'm not a fan of pity, either.
+I'm spontaneous and always up for a road trip at three in the morning.

+I'm really, really lazy.
+I think of myself before I think of anyone else, so I guess it makes me kind of selfish.
+I have double standards and am hypocritical at times.
+I'm extremely fickle and indecisive, prone to changing my mind over ten times within an hour.
+I'm insecure and don't trust my own decisions, and as such, would have trouble being a leader.
+I tend to get much too into things and become slightly out of touch with reality.
+I get envious of people really easily.

Talents: Eh...I write...dunno if you could consider that a talent.
Personality in 3 words: versatile, friendly, eccentric
Favorite food: French Fries
Least favorite food: Fish
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Cats
Favorite phrase or quote: Can't really remember at the moment.

This or That

Mature or immature? Mostly mature, though I have my immature moments. I don't like to be too stuffy, you know? I like to have fun.
Leader or follower? Eh. I don't like to lead, but I don't follow either. I'm a very indecisive person who doesn't like to bark out orders, and at the same time I hate it when people boss me around. I don't mind team work and working on on equal footing, though.
Calm, normal, or hyper? Normal, though I have my ups and downs.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?
Act on impulse, or think things through?
Outgoing or shy? Definitely an optimist. I try to look on the bright side of everything.
Fate or free will? Free will - there's no such thing as fate. Fate is only for those who are too weak or too scared to change their lives.


Your team is in the middle of the bell test. Your plan is to: Two of us should work on distracting him, while the third one works on getting the bells. Be relentless, don't give the sensei a moment to breath.

You and Naruto are fighting. He uses his "Oiroke no Jutsu" (Sexy Technique). You: Give a loud shout of laughter and then shake my head, disapprovingly, but still chuckling, nonetheless. I'm pretty fun-loving - I love a good joke.

You have one hour until your life or death training. How will you spend it? I'd hang out with my closest friends, enjoy the village, you know. Just hang around.

Anything else? I'm a bit OCD. I can't concentrate in libraries. I don't like being praised; it makes me feel awkward.

Please post picture(s) of yourself here: Nah.
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