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Stamped: Whose Love Child Am I Part II?

Three Voted Applications:

About You

Name/Nickname: Laura
At </a></a>naruto_rating you were stamped as: Shikamaru Nara
Describe yourself in 3 words: Random, lazy, friendly
Talk about three positive things about yourself and why you view them as positive:

Loyal; I think I am really loyal to my friends and the people I care about.
Passionate;  I get really into anything
Daydreamer; Yes I am

Talk about three negative things about yourself and why you view them as negative:

Impatience; I can be pretty impatient, and often I get angry pretty quickly
Lazy; Sometimes I really don't want to do anything
Impulsive;  I am totally impulsive, I can't help myself! I often act before thinking 

Parental/Guardian Preference
I prefer my parents to be - both male of male/female. Not both female please
I prefer my parents to be - No prefence

Growing Up: Scenario

Growing up in a village of ninja can be rough for some. In school, what did your parents do in according to the types of grades you received? They don't particular care about my grades. Probably because my grades are normal and I have no problems at school

You're having a hard day and your parents find out. What happens? Probably ask me if I need some help, or things like that. My father would probably try to cheer me up with, but I doubt my mother would notice it.

You get to spend the day with your parents, what do you do for fun? What's it like? Going out for a walk, talking and simply having fun together

You're on a very dangerous mission. How do your parents react once they are informed on what you have to do? They both trust me so I think that would ask me to take care of myself and be cautious

What life lessons do your parents insist on teaching you? My mother taught me not to trust people easily and not to be very naive. My father is her completely opposite, and he taught me mostly to take life easily

Anything else? Not really ^_^

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