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Stamped: Whose Love Child Am I Part II?


 Name/Nickname: Anna
 At </a></a>naruto_rating you were stamped as: Shikamaru Nara
 Describe yourself in 3 words: Loyal, lazy, sarcastic
 Talk about three positive things about yourself and why you view them as positive:.
 1. Friendly- I find a way to enjoy the company of anyone
 2. Honest -I always say what I think no matter what
 3. Loyal-I'd do anything for the people closest to me
 Talk about three negative things about yourself and why you view them as negative:
 1. Stubborn - I think I'm always right..(I know I'm not ALWAYS right XD)
 2. Lazy & Procastinator -I think I actually spend more time procrastinating than doing actual work
 3. Mischievous -I love to make jokes and be silly XD
 Parental/Guardian Preference
 I prefer my parents to be - male,please
 I prefer my parents to be -
No prefence

 Growing Up: Scenario
 Growing up in a village of ninja can be rough for some. In school, what did your parents do in according to the types of grades you received?  i had no problems with 'school grades ' ( but i do hate maths!) and my parents were happy and proud of me
 You're having a hard day and your parents find out. What happens? They ask me what happened, I explain the situation, my father would probably do something to cheer me up, my mother would probably think I can handle the situation by myself, and do nothing about it.
 You get to spend the day with your parents, what do you do for fun? What's it like? talk, watch a movie, walk, go shopping, have dinner in a nice place
 You're on a very dangerous mission. How do your parents react once they are informed on what you have to do? they'd probably understand that if i was assigned to that mission it means i can handle the mission with my team, my mother would be worried but she'd surely understand (and tell me to be careful a million times)
 What life lessons do your parents insist on teaching you? One taught me to learn from mistakes, my father taught me to challenge myself and take risks.
anything else?: no
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