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Gender Swap theme

Three Voted Applications:

About You

Name/Nickname: anna
At naruto_rating you were stamped as: shikamaru
Describe yourself in 3 words: lazy, loyal and honest
Talk about three positive things about yourself and why you view them as positive:

1. Honest: I always say what I think when I think it. I will tell you directly when I disagree with you, i can't really understand why people talk behind others back instead of saying it in their faces
2.Fair: I'm fair with everyone,no matter who they are, and i beloieve oin giving people a fair chance before judging them, also I like to be treated the way I treat people
3. Loyal: I'm a very loyal person and I would never betray my friends/my family.
4. Passionate: I am passionate and I am intense, I put a lot of energy into the issues I believe in!
5. Curious : I'm curious, and I always get up and investigate

Talk about three negative things about yourself and why you view them as negative:

1. Brutally honest: I always say what I think when I think it, sometimes i can be brutally honest.I'm sharp tongued and I say what I have to say
2. Lazy: i am lazy, lazy, lazy and I procrastinate all the time.
3. Impulsive: Extremely impulsive as i am i always act and then think. I really rush into things without thinking and get into trouble for it
4. Stubborn: Sometimes i can be sooo stubborn! Probably because I don't like being open to the possibility that I could be wrong and I'm not very good at changing my mind.
5. Pessimistic: i'm pessimistic, and i always see the worst side of things.Yes, the glass is half empty for me.

Typical Questions
Likes:Reading, writing, photography, tea, tennis,videogames, animals, sleeping, coffee, manga, anime, books, reading, writings, daydreaming

Dislikes: Discrimination,being stressed, intolerance,iars,close-minded people, waiting, slow internet connection,ignorance,being ignored
Dreams for the future: finish university, travel around the world
Hobbies: tennis,videogames, music, books
Strengths: friendly, caring, honest, determined, creative
Weaknesses: stubborn, lazy, procastinator, impulsive, sarcastic
Talents: i don't know.. music? i plat the c flute XD
Personality in 3 words: lazy, loyal and honest
Favorite food: italian food
Least favorite food: broccoli <.<
Favorite color: orange and red
Favorite animal: i love love love cats! they're so beautiful and intelligent
Favorite phrase or quote: "if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"

This or That

Mature or immature? immature, but i can be mature when the situation calls for it
Leader or follower? leader, i don't like being told what to do
Calm, normal, or hyper? normal/hyper
Optimistic or Pessimistic? i'm pessimistic, and i can't help that, i always see the worst side of things.
Act on impulse, or think things through? Act on impulse
Outgoing or shy? outgoing
Fate or free will? free will


You wake up one day and you're the opposite gender! You find out you will be like this for 24 hours - what do you do? whoa! i'd be very surprised but i think it would not be this horrible if it's only for 24 hours!XD i would just hang out with my friends XD

You're in the middle of a tough mission when one of your teammates go down. Your decision could cost you your teammate or the mission. What do you do? i think my teammate is more important than our mission, so i would not sacrify one of my teammate to complete the mission.

To you, your teammates are -- (What do they mean to you - or what do you hope they mean to you?) They're probably my friends, and definitely someone i care about.

Why did you become a ninja?

Anything else? thank you

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