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[ Matchmaker Theme ] { Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match... }

This theme will end February 18th. This'll give over a month for the theme. Why on such strange dates? Well, I would think the month of February, but I don't know if three weeks would be a desired length for a theme. If this theme grows strong, it'll last until the last date on February.


- Same as those found in the User Info (amount of votes, respect, etc etc)
- Explain yourself as clearly as possible; this will help others vote you as clearly as possible.
- Please provide some sort of explanation for your vote.
- Like with the regular application, do not try/aim for a certain character (match). Just answer the questions honestly.
- Characters included are anime + manga combined.
- Please pay attention to what the applicant requests as far as "male/female/doesn't matter" goes.
- Because of the original intent of this community, if you post spoilers please put a warning. If in the application: <*font color="FFFFFF">Spoilers Here<*font color> (without the "*"), if in comment you can do the same or simply put a warning in subject line. Thank you.
- Do NOT insult someone for their choice in preferred gender of their match; this is not the place for that.
- To show that you read the rules, put "Stamped: Find Me A Match" in the subject line.

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