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[ Whose Love Child Am I Part II? ]

Please vote on those that needs votes here. I will hopefully have everyone stamped within the next 24 hours - sorry for the delay.


Also - heads up to a possible virus going around (may delete personal journal accounts and spread virus' through links in communities) - a heads up here.


Onto the community stuff - a few days late.

The theme will go on through till March 31st at midnight, EST (unless there is to be an extension per popular request...)

You will likely get your stamps at the end of the month.

First theme we had the Matchmaking Theme.
Second/last theme we had - Sensei Theme.
Then we had something similar to the last -- but which Sensei YOU would be!
For a while, we had the Which Akatsuki Member Are You?
Last time, we had "Whose Love Child Am I?" based off of appearance...

This time? We have "Whose Love Child Am I Part II?"

This, unlike the last one, will not be based purely off of your appearance. Your voters will be looking to find out which two characters from Naruto would likely be your parents, based off of your answers to your application. Applicants, use your best judgment on how you answer the application and voters use your best judgment on how you will take the information to figure out which two characters would be the applicants parents.


- Same as those found in the User Info (amount of votes, respect, etc etc)
- Explain yourself as clearly as possible; this will help others vote you as clearly as possible.
- Voters, please provide some sort of explanation for your vote - and remember two vote for two characters that you feel are the applicants parents.
- Like with the regular application, do not try/aim for a certain character. Just answer the questions honestly.
- Characters included are anime + manga combined.
- Because of the original intent of this community, if you post spoilers please put a warning. If in the application: <*font color="FFFFFF">Spoilers Here<*font color> (without the "*"), if in comment you can do the same or simply put a warning in subject line. Thank you.
- To show that you read the rules, put "Stamped: Whose Love Child Am I Part II?" in the subject line.

Your choices are anyone from the series keeping in mind with the applicants request. Also apologies for the questions.
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