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[ New Theme - Gender Swap! ]

Computer problems, personal issues and such aside - I'm sorry for taking so long to do stampings. I'm also dry on themes - original themes, at least.

I had to do a bit of tiebreakers - which I didn't actually leave a comment for them, I did so with the actual stamp provided.

Regardless of how many votes each application received, I stamped - because a few months is far too long to have waited - I apologize.


Now, with the new theme (or any new applications), because everyone is stamped you will have to go back and fill in the "three application voted in" section before you are stamped.

This theme is fairly simple - you're going to find out which character from Naruto you are -- but opposite gender to the one you were first voted as (since, I'm well aware that some either choose, or just were, stamped as those that were already the opposite gender).

This theme starts July 13th 12:00am EST and ends August 13th 11:59pm EST. This may change, as always - due to whichever reason (the best reason, of course, is when it's because the theme is just going that well.)

Most of the questions are taken from the original application - because it's a gender swap. However, voters, please do not simply look at who they were voted as and think "So which opposite-gender character is the exact same as..."? Please actually look at the application.


- Same as those found in the User Info (amount of votes, respect, etc etc)
- Explain yourself as clearly as possible; this will help others vote you as clearly as possible.
- Voters, please provide some sort of explanation for your vote. This is helpful to the applicant as well as shows that you're not just following along with what others say and really do see it yourself.
- Like with the regular application, do not try/aim for a certain character. Just answer the questions honestly.
- Characters included are anime + manga combined.
- Because of the original intent of this community, if you post spoilers please put a warning. If in the application: <*font color="FFFFFF">Spoilers Here<*font color> (without the "*"), if in comment you can do the same or simply put a warning in subject line. Thank you.
- To show that you read the rules, put "Stamped: Oiroke no Jutsu!" in the subject line.

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