Xinda (xindasnocturne) wrote in naruto_rating,

[ Mod - Simple Question ]

First off - this is xinda on my new journal.

Secondly - Those users that have deleted their journals, will be removed, to keep everything as "clean" looking as possible. And, for those that may worry, removing the user from the list and all, does NOT delete the application.

Moving on.

I'd like to know how many of you are still interested in this community. I've still been trying to think of themes -- and appropriate questions to work with those themes, but if no one is interested --- then I'd like to know now?

If so, I'll simply keep this community without the themes attached to it.

Unless enough are actually interested in themes.

A simple yes or no is all that's needed

Are you interested in participating in (themes) for this community?

I know "depending on the theme" and my keeping up with it in more-than-decent time is obvious.

Also, please vote on this application. Thank you.
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