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~ * ~ A Naruto Rating Community ~ * ~

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Find out what Naruto character you are most like! Read the rules and post your survey to be voted on and then stamped!

Rebuilding the Village: S Rank Mission - Prize: $5
Fourth Quarterly Chuunin Exam announced! - Final Day: December 21st


Current Theme: Which Akatsuki Member Are You Theme.
Previous Themes

Community "Do"s

- Do post and vote only if you're a member of the community.
- Do put your application under an lj-cut.
- Do warn other members about spoilers if there are any in your application/vote. This particularly applies to manga spoilers as this community was originally Anime!Only.
- Do be specific with your vote! There will be "part one" and "part two" for characters that have had some sort of change/development. (ie: Part One Sakura vs Part Two Sakura. Or Pre-Sakura vs TimeSkip Sakura. Stamps will, of course, make this easier for you, but they are not quite ready yet - apologies, I've been busy AND having Paint Shop Pro issues). If a post should be made to list specifications on differences between characters - namely the Rookie Nine - please request so in the latest "News/Update Post" by a Moderator - if enough people request it, I will try to do so.
- Do upload a picture with your application! (This isn't required, but it's encouraged for more accurate voting and stamping!)
- Do promote your community to the Designated Post - I will then make a post once a ewek showing those that are requesting advertisements. (Post not yet made).
- Do reapply if you don't feel you match up with the character you were orginally stamped as. You must wait at least two months before reapplying. There is not yet a set amount of times you may reapply, but I'd prefer it if you didn't take advantage of this. This is left open only because the series is incomplete and there are still characters being (a) developed (b) created. If you abuse this, it will be removed. Please make sure you put reapp in the subject of your post. If you do not, it will be deleted without warning.
- Do vote as often as possible and as soon as you join! This community relies on you members to keep it running!
- Do give a reason for your vote! It's nice to know why so-and-so thought you were a good Itachi.
- Do bold your vote, or it'll most likely be overlooked by the Kages, and you want your vote to count, right? If you don't bold your vote, it will not count (this includes putting it in the subject - that doesn't count).
- Do keep your votes to what the requester states (ie: male or female, anime or manga...)
- Do find members that still need votes using the Needs Votes tag.
- Do review character biographies if you aren't familiar with a lot of the Naruto world by visiting the following sites: NarutoFan and Naruto-kun or the lovely Wikipedia - beware of spoilers of course.

Community "Don't"s

- Don't flame, insult, etc. It’s the fastest way to get banned from our ninja village.
- Don't post cosplay pics before you're stamped. (so the vote won't be swayed)
- Don’t fill out an application aiming for a specific character. (eg: Hobbies: Killing people w/ sand!)
- Don’t advertise your app while voting. If you think you’ve been forgotten please contact a Kage. - This means, no asking someone "please vote for me" after voting on their application.
- Don't vote a person solely on their looks. Include the person's survey in your choice's answers!
- Don't bandwagon. Just because everyone else thinks that guy is like Shino doesn't mean he is!
- Don't mark someone as a cross of more than two characters.

- Current conditions for a stamp: 5 votes or 1 week. Apps will be stamped in the order they were posted.
- To insure you’ve read all the rules please put “This is my way of the ninja” in the application subject.
- Make sure you vote on THREE other applications. If you do not, you will not be stamped until you do so. (You may submit your application and then edit it as you vote).
- Violations will result in suspension until the problem is fixed.

Kages (Moderators):



If you have a question, e-mail it to a mod:

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created by nikki_wright

Stamps - XX% complete ~ created by xindasnocturne


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"We hope the community will rise to meet the competition! ^_^"

- poor_wes; previous moderator (Kage) whom has graciously passed the torch to myself, xindasnocturne